As a consumers we have a power in our hands, so make a good choice.
I want a green car is a online poll for show to the automobile market how much people require Eco-Friendly cars - and motorcycle and other transports (private and public).
With Eco-Friendly we basically means solar enrgy or other energy that are free and 100% renewable are welcome for this poll. So you can say that you want a green car, it doesn't matter what kind of solution.
This poll it's not for a specific car solution, instead for any real 100% green car (and not for a reduced emission).
Ask for an eco-friendly solution when you'll buy your next car by selecting the country where you live, so we all can see where there are the greatest demand and the car makers can use it too. No registration required. "Dream big", great people say. Dream an eco-change quickly.
Select your contry:

NOTE: In addition to the online poll you can ASK for a Eco-solution when you go to buy your new car! Remember: If you ask and persist, you'll receive ;)

Most voted

46 - Italy
43 - United States
34 - Germany
21 - Argentina
13 - United Kingdom
13 - France
8 - Spain
5 - Switzerland

Total votes


Results by continent

122 - Europe
64 - America
1 - Asia
1 - Africa
0 - Oceania

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